Don't Settle for Safe - Sarah Jakes Roberts

Don't Settle for Safe

By Sarah Jakes Roberts

  • Release Date: 2017-04-18
  • Genre: Christianity
Score: 5
From 294 Ratings


Popular speaker and author Sarah Jakes Roberts shows women they are not disqualified by their pain and failures and offers encouragement and strength to believe God’s best is still possible.

Everyone has experiences in their lives that stop them in their tracks and become burdens they carry with them everywhere they go. No one knows this better than Sarah Jakes Roberts. Pregnant at fourteen, married by nineteen, divorced by twenty-two, and all while under the intense spotlight of being Bishop T.D. Jakes’s daughter, Sarah knows what it is to feel buried by failure and aching pain.

But when her journey brought her to faith’s fork in the road, Sarah found she had to choose between staying in the comfort of the pain she knew or daring to make new wounds and move forward. Now Sarah shares the numerous life lessons she’s learned along the way with other women also struggling to believe they’re not disqualified by their pain and past mistakes. She delves into topics such as allowing the past to empower the present, choosing to step forward while still being afraid, facing struggles surrounded by community, finding intimacy with God outside preconceived notions of what it has to look like, and learning to focus on others. With deeply personal stories of her own, Sarah helps readers find their way to the right perspective and the confidence to walk toward the best God has for them.


  • Perfect

    By look at the rating plz
    Good for spiritual women who are trying to find themselves after the hard trauma that life can throw. Very powerful book. It was something that inspired me to get up out of my depression when I wanted to give up so it definitely will take you out of the dark. Good read!
  • Don’t settle for safe

    By Nae 😍
    This is an amazing page turning book. I have a better insight and is truly motivated to keep on keeping on no matter the situation.
  • THIS BOOK!!!!

    By AliciaKW11
    This book was by far one of the best books I’ve read. I’m not a consistent reader, but here lately I’ve been wanting to read to have a different outlook on life. Reading this book has motivated and empowered me in so many ways. I would suggest this book to anyone who needs encouragement and understanding on living your best life and knowing what to allow in your space. I can’t wait to see her in 2 weeks!!! She’s amazing. I’d read it again ❤️
  • Amazing book

    By motherof2bb
    This book is so awesome. I felt like the book was kinda about me. I actually sat down and did the exercises in the book and it opened my eyes. It helped me in so many ways. I’m no longer afraid of what ifs. I got out of situations where I was unhappy. I resolved and let go of issues from my past. I no longer settle for safe. Great book Thank you Sarah
  • Life altering!

    By sjsjaaja
    Loved every page. My book is full of notes and highlights. Priceless.
  • Hard to Relate

    By Tamika Nic.
    This book was all over the place. While it had great points the points often did not connect and I felt lost as a reader. I’m thankful for some good insight it provided but if you asked me the main point of the book I really couldn’t tell you. Definitely needs to be more organized and structured. I know a lot of people will resonate with this book however it was not my cup of tea. But I did make it to the end!
  • Love It!

    By flowerish*
    After reading this book, it made me feel so empowered. In fact I will be reading it over again. Thank you for taking the time to share your story.
  • Incredible

    By Latrell06
    After joining in weekly for her podcasts and discovering so many of her sermons online, Sarah had already started to make her mark into helping me change my life. After purchasing this book it led me to attend her first ever Woman Evolve Conference. I was never the same and left Denver determined to finish this book! This book has touched me personally as I can truly relate to her journey. Thank you for your transparency. I pray this book provides healing to many more women all over the world as it has done for me!
  • Awesome

    By Domo💋
    This book spoke to me on a mental and spiritual level. I really had moments while reading I had to stop and say “How does she know me so well” . This book will make you go deep into yourself and do a lot of soul searching and finding yourself.
  • Don’t settle for safe

    By Cee_jaye
    Very inspirational!, A must read for every woman that’s felt some type of brokenness.