Cast in Hellfire - SM Reine

Cast in Hellfire

By SM Reine

  • Release Date: 2016-04-03
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 15 Ratings


Please read Cast in Angelfire, book 1 of The Mage Craft Series, before picking this one up. They can't be read out of order.

Marion Garin is the teenage daughter of Metaraon, the former Voice of God. Now she's also the steward of the Winter Court, which has been in anarchy since a revolution five years earlier.

Problem: Marion still doesn't remember anything that happened before two weeks ago.

Seth Wilder has a lead on her memories. Whoever stole them and sold Marion's essence to a demon lord in Sheol. Marion wants to help steal them back, even though that means abandoning the Winter Court to war. And Seth can't seem to tell Marion no.

He wants Marion nearby. Very nearby. Possibly in his teeth. See, Seth has this little problem where he's developing a killing urge, and it seems to be centered primarily on the half-angel girl who adores him. It conflicts with everything Seth believes himself to be: a moral man, a doctor who heals instead of hurts. Yet he's obsessed with Marion. She wants her memories, and he wants her to have them as much as he wants her blood.

They'll work together to make Marion whole, come hell or high water. Even if it means war. Even if it means Seth might hurt Marion. And damned be the consequences...


  • Best Book Yet !!

    By Abelablevable
    Where can I begin?! First off talk about emotional roller coaster. Second of off, freak Elise and Marion and freaking cheater Koning!! I freaking hate Nori no offense.🤔 I feel so bad for Charity.O.K what are we going to do with Seth 🤔? What a difficult man or god? And in the middle when it said Luke was Seth it all made sense ! If you think about it . If you go back a few books or so he went to collage to be a doctor😉. Also (ex fiancé) hint Rylie. One last thing you did very good with all the action and cliff hangers🙏🏻All in all the best book yet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Cast in Hellfire

    By Lisa Bateman
    What can I say? This is one of my favorite authors so I think her work speaks for itself. It was a privilege to get to read an ARC from her. One thing about her books is that she doesn't always end the story the way the reader may like but she still never fails to entertain. Even if the story doesn't go in the direction the reader is planning, she takes you to another direction you never dreamed. I guess that's what I'm trying to say. So I am always amazed. This latest book didn't fail to amaze me either. If you have never read Sara's work, don't hesitate to do so. You won't be disappointed. You can start at the beginning of any one of her series.
  • Reel it in, guaranteed winner on the line!

    By Rayofsunshine1971
    I was given an advance copy in exchange for a review. Now onto the review! In this latest installment of the Mage Craft series, Cast in Hellfire picks up nicely where Cast in Angelfire left off; Marion's mission to find out who stole her memories and get them back. She's got much to do serving as Steward of the Winter Court with Prince ErlKonig alongside her (ever wonder how she scored that delicious frozen treat of a man - this book clues you in). Items on her list, above and beyond being the Voice of God (or maybe that's Gods), include setting up and making deals with the angels in an effort to thwart war, gathering and tending to WC refugees, and avoiding ErlKonig's attempts to 'play house - wink wink'. Did you know sidhe restore their power by doing that sex thing, if not you will be blatantly reminded ;) Well don't get too excited about those 'small' to-dos. Marion's got a lead on where her memories are hanging out, so everything else be damned (literally) cause the chase is on! And big surprise, joining the quest is Seth (aka Lucas Flynn). This time he needs her help in locating some lost memories of his own (before the Genesis he was stone-cold dead, now he's alive - real head scratcher). Death, demons, gods, mages, angels, sidhes, shapeshifters, revenants or whatever else catches your fancy - Cast in Hellfire has them all with a great storyline nicely folded in. Once you start reading the book you won't want to put it down!
  • Great read

    By Shastar32
    I received a copy of this book fee in exchange for a honest review. Marion has lost her memories. The only thought left is she must find Seth wilder to help her get them back. Seth has been hiding. He doesn't want the gods to know where. Marion is the voice of God. How can he help her, if it catches the notice of them too? Marion and Seth travel between earth and other realms to piece together what they both are looking for and what they will become when they find the truth What todo? Honestly after reading this book, it causes me to go back and reread all S.M. Reine books and I am getting something new out of each one.